The Ultimate Guide For Busy Mums


There is no denying that mothers these days have an increasing amount of work to do, not only outside of the house but also inside it too. Between busy work schedules, the school run and the house cleaning, it’s surprising how the modern mum keeps it all together, especially without the help from professional cleaners or house cleaning services. With what seems an endless task list and not enough hours in the day, we thought we’d lend some helpful house cleaning advice. So don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed or frustrated. Instead, take a moment to read through this article! We have an abundance of advice which can make keeping on top of the housework a breeze and you’ll become a domestic cleaning Goddess in no time!


Clean as you go.

This is an incredibly popular house cleaning tip, and rightfully so! It works and can save up a lot of time throughout your day. Don’t allow the mess or dirt to build up, clean up a little as you move through the house. For example, while preparing dinner for your family, simply load the dishes you use into the sink or dishwasher directly after using them. If your children have left school books, clothes or toys laying around, pick them up and put them away right away.


Get the family involved with house cleaning.

There is no denying that house cleaning takes a lot of work and time. Which means you shouldn’t have to do it by yourself. If your children are old enough to walk and talk they are certainly old enough to clean too! Encourage your children (and don’t forget your partner) to pick up their belongings before going to sleep, it can be made into a type of ritual before going to bed. It will soon become a habit and less of a chore in no time. You can even offer incentives to clean, such as offering your children an allowance for the chores that they complete.


Schedule a big clean.

It’s important that every now and again you free up some time for house cleaning. This doesn’t mean a little dust here and there. It should be a full blown deep clean! Once a month or every other month is more than enough, but it should be done. Use this scheduled time in order to devote your attention to areas of your home that may be neglected. It’s also a perfect time to get the entire household involved. Have your children give their rooms a full deep clean too!


Get your family organised.

Learn how to streamline your house cleaning as much as you can. This can involve ensuring that everything in your household has its own place. Why not invest in storage bins or baskets in order to keep everything thing you don’t use each and every day neatly tucked out of the way. 


Schedule your house cleaning.

You can ease your house cleaning chores by dividing them into bite-sized chunks throughout the week. Try scheduling specific days of the week to different chores. Such as Monday for vacuuming, Tuesday for Washing, and so on! It can make tackling the aspect of domestic cleaning much simpler. 


Declutter your household.

A great way, in order to keep your home clean, is to declutter. Simply remove the things you and your family no longer use. It makes your house appear tidy and frees up plenty of room for the things you do use! If you discover you have unwanted belongings such as clothes or household items, you may wish to donate them to a charitable cause!


It’s no secret that everyday house cleaning can feel impossible, especially when you have a family to take care of too. Simply figure out ways that make household chores easier for you. Don’t forget to break down your household chores and enlist your whole household to help.


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